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FCChat – Troubleshooting

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where is it

Uh-Oh! Something has gone wrong with with your installation.

To resolve the issue, run through the checklist below. Alternatively, you can contact us at support@fastcatsoftware.com. Please include the web page in which the chat is installed in your email.

The chat won’t load at all.

1) Make sure the chat is actually installed on the web page you are looking at. Click on “View Source” in your browser and search the document for “FCChat”. If you can’t find it, the chat has not been installed in the page.

2) Sometimes, failure to load is caused by a file permission problem. Try to view the file, FCChat/js/import.config.php, by typing the path to the file into the address bar of your browser, ie. http://yoursite.com/PATH TO FCCHAT/js/import.config.php. If you see an “Internal Server” Error or “404” Error (make sure the path to the file is correct), then this may indicate a permissions problem. Set permissions for all files in the FCChat folder appropriately, so that they may be accessed from the internet.

3) Make sure you don’t have any plugins, components, etc. which attempt to “optimize” your site by compressing, moving, or repackaging script files (ie. Cloudflare and Incapsula sometimes try to do this), as FCChat is usually not compatable with these. If you do have these, at the very least, you will need to make the FCChat script files exempt from optimization.

Note: FCChat is not compatable with the Joomla plugin System – Scripts Down, which moves scripts to the bottom of the page.

4) Check your browser’s console for javascript errors. A javascript error which is related to FCChat will usually require the attention of a Fastcat Support rep. Contact us at support@fastcatsoftware.com, making note of the error in your email.

Connection hangs/fails to connect.

1) Make sure you have entered the host and chat_id parameters correctly in the configuration. Check the email that you received on activation and verify that the values are correct.

2) If it is set, clear the user_integration_bridge parameter in the configuration. You should always verify that you can establish a connection with the user_integration_bridge cleared, before setting it. Follow the tutorials in this guide on how to set up user integration before setting user_integration_bridge.

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