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SMF Integration

IndexTutorial: How to connect the chat to your SMF user accounts.

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This tutorial applies to version 3.0 and above.

If you have an earlier version, refer to this tutorial.

This tutorial describes how you can connect your users’ SMF accounts to the chat.

In this mode of operation, when a user visits your site and logs in to the forum, they will be simultaneously signed in to the chat with the same user name (and avatar) as their site account.

Ok, here are the steps that you must take to set up the link, you should already have FCChat Installed and running before proceding:

1) First, sign in to SMF with the account you use for administration.

2) Next, go to a web page on your site and sign in to the chat with your FCChat administrative account.

3) Click on your screen name and click ‘mod’ to go to the FCChat administration panel.

4) Once in the administration panel, type in a secret key where it says, ‘Set secret key’ and press enter. You may choose any secret key you wish. A good secret key is both long and hard to guess.

4) Once in the administration panel, where it says ‘CMS Type’, select SMF. Where it says ‘Administrative account’, enter the name of your SMF administrative account. This must be the account you signed in as in step one.

6) After this, you must open the file fcchat/proxies/fcchat_smf_proxy.php with a text editor. Within this file, set the secret key parameter to match the value you entered in step 4, as follows:

Find the line that says:

define(‘SECRET_KEY’, ‘OqO,X:20=V6a^FkQ9N!8′);

and set accordingly.

5) Next, open the file fcchat/config/config.js with a text editor

6) Find the variable user_integration_bridge and set it exactly as follows:


7) Find the variable startText and set it as follows:

startText:"To begin chatting, please <b>Sign In</b>",

8) Now load up a page on your web site with your browser. You may have to refresh the page a couple of times in order your the new settings to ‘catch’.

9) Ok, your done!

If you want to go back to the ‘default user registration mode’, simply revert the changes to the config file as follows:

user_integration_bridge: "",

startText:"To begin chatting, press the <b>Open Button.&nbsp;</b>",

You will now be able to access the FCChat administration panel with your SMF administrative account. (The account you designated in step 5)

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