{"desc":"The ChatBox is comming soon. It will be available in version 3.6."}

FCChat Generic Installation

IndexStep Two: Installing the chat client.

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There are two installation methods you can use to embed the toolbar in your web pages, the “Quick Install” and the “Advanced Install”. The quick install is easy, and can be used in situations when you don’t have access to the raw HTML of your web pages. The advanced install is the prefered method, because it offers some slight performance advantages over the quick install, but it does require (in most cases) that you directly edit your web page’s HTML.

Quick install:

1) Cut and pase the following code into the body of your web page where you would like the Chat Toolbar to appear.

Advanced install:
Instructions for the advanced install can be found here.

After intalling the chat client, the next step is to Activate the chat.

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