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FCChat Tutorial

Index Choosing between FCChat ChatCenter and FCChat BlogChat

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FCChat comes in two distinct flavors: ChatCenter and Blogchat.

ChatCenter is the original version of FCChat. It is designed primarily to be used with the toolbar, or as a standalone, full page application. We are currently running the ChatCenter version on the main site. You may also refer to the demos listed in the sidebar for additional examples.

BlogChat is a streamlined version of FCChat, designed to be embedded in the page flow of a blog, forum, or similar site. With BlogChat, you can run a site-wide chatbox, or have a different chatroom for each page on your site (or each entry in your blog). It does not work with the toolbar, however. Refer to the demos in the sidebar for examples.

Note: Both versions have essentially the same feature sets, and are configured in the same way. The two versions cannot, however, be run simultaneously on a page. Thus, you must choose one or the other.

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