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Drupal Installation

IndexStep Two: Activating FCChat

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After installing the chat client in your web pages, you are ready to activate the chat service. Once activated, you will receive a Chat ID and a Host value that will allow you to connect to the chat service.

If you have not yet activated your service, you may do so by clicking here.

Once you have been issued your Chat ID and Host value, do the following:

For Drupal 7+ From your Drupal dashboard, navigate to Modules. Find the FCChat module on the page and click on ‘configure’. Enter the Chat ID and Host values you received. Click the ‘Save Configuration’ button in order to save your configuration.

For Drupal 5-6 Open the file sites/all/modules/fcchat/config/config.js with a text editor. Enter the Chat ID and Host values you received and save.

At this point, your installation is complete and you are ready to start using FCChat. In the next section, we talk about some of the initial configuraton tasks.

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