Changing the location (URL) of the Full Page Chat

In this tutorial, we show you how to change the url of the Full Page Chat. To use this tutorial, your must have php enabled on your site. This tutorial applies to version 3.0 and later.

The default location of the full page chat is something like

(and here we are using a WordPress site as the example).

The problem is that this exposes a long and ugly URL to the user. Wouldn’t it be better if the Full Page Chat URL was something more intuitive, like

So how do you get from the nasty URL to the nice one? Here are the steps:

1) Create a folder named chat in the root of your site.

2) Copy the file ../fcchat/html/chat/index.php to the newly created chat folder.

3) Open the file you just copied with a text editor. Find the line that says:


Edit this variable so that it contains the full path to the fcchat folder on your site. Given the example above. this would yield:


4) Finally, go to the FCChat configuration, and set the variable full_page_url to point to the location of your chat, in this case:

(You may omit index.php from the path as long as your server has been configured to recognize index.php as a default document. If not, you must append the filename to the path, ie.

{“topic”:”Changing the location of the full page url”}

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